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Desire: Piano Tribute To U2
Catalog #: VIT-8937
The Piano Tribute to U2 is an intimate, instrumental portrait of a band that belongs to the world..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Finding Beauty In The Dissonance: A Piano Tribute To Tool
Catalog #: VIT-8910
The sparse, stripped down renditions of Tool songs metamorphoses their sonic fury into haunting piano melodies. This piano tribute boils these songs down to their essence and it .... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Piano Tribute To Coldplay
Catalog #: VIT-8913
The Piano Tribute to Coldplay is a beautiful rendition of their intelligent soundscapes..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Piano Tribute To Iron Maiden
Catalog #: VIT-8918
It is in the sinewy bass lines of Steve Harris that we find the raw materials for this tribute.... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Piano Tribute to Pink Floyd
Catalog #: VIT-8912
The Piano Tribute to Pink Floyd is powerful, introspective, spiritual and essential to the emotional resonance of these now classic songs..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
Piano Tribute to the Cure
Catalog #: VIT-8909
Piano Tribute to the Cure offers Cure fans an introspective, moving collection of their favorite Cure songs..... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
The Piano Tribute to Metallica: Bite The Ivory
Catalog #: VIT-8915
This Piano Tribute to Metallica pulls away the iron panels of speed and coal-blackened distortion to reveal the fundamental element of the bandís success: grandiose melody. With .... See Detail >>
CD Price: $13.98
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